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Sketch Steam S330 Wireless Tattoo Machine

Sketch Steam S330 Wireless Tattoo Machine

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This superior tool is meticulously designed for professional tattoo artists who crave precision and outstanding performance in their craft.

At the heart of the S330 lies a custom, high-precision brushless motor. This precision-engineered component dramatically reduces noise and vibration, providing an unparalleled tattooing experience. Accommodating a wide array of artistic techniques,  power output can be minutely adjusted from 5V to 12V in precise 0.1v increments via an intuitive control interface.

The device is equipped with a full-color AMOLED display, a convenient gateway to critical information such as voltage, battery status, and session duration at a glance. Moreover, the S330’s ambient light feature contributes to a harmonious workspace,Available in 8 color options, allowing you to make your own unique selection.

Ergonomics is a key focus in the design of the S330. It features a 34 mm grip, contoured for comfort and compatibility with the majority of needle cartridges. Further customization is possible with the adjustable needle depth ranging from 0 to 4 mm, accommodating diverse tattoo applications.

Freed from the constraint of cords, the S330 promises a substantial battery life of up to 8 hours, powered by a replaceable NCR18500A battery, allowing uninterrupted workflow even for extended tattoo sessions.

Technical Specifications:
Operating Voltage: 5.0v - 12.0v
Needle Protrusion: 0 - 4.0 mm
Body Length: 135 mm
Body Diameter: 33 mm
Grip Diameter: 34 mm
Weight: Approx. 170 g (without battery) / 203 g (with battery)
Motor Type: Custom Brushless motor
Material: Premium aircraft-grade aluminum
Connection: Wireless
Available Stroke: 3.5mm

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