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KWADRON Cartridges

KWADRON Cartridges

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The legendary Kwadron cartridges are synonymous of the quality. The finest and most complete tattoo cartridges system available in this part of the galaxy. Discover the richness of our offer and choose Kwadron Cartridge System!

    • The liner tattoo needles are great for drawing clear lines and creating precise outlines

    • The shader tattoo needles are packed not as tight as the liners and can cover a larger surface area. They can pick up more ink and can be used for shading, coloring and blending.

    • The magnum tattoo needles consisting of two rows are great for filling and shading.

    • The soft edge magnum tattoo needles (or "round magnum" "RM") have a slightly rounded front to avoid the umbrella effect (the skin doesn't evade the needles in the middle and the design remains even).

    20pcs in each box

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